Your Self & Beyond's Men's Wellness Line seeks to enhance the lives of folks identifying as he/him by offering products that promote self-care and enhance a positive self-image.


Relief Beard Oil

The Relief Blends is best for help with an itchy or dry beard. This blend has a light cedarwood aroma.


Product Description: 

  • Your Self & Beyond's Beard Oil takes pride in using high-quality ingredients, and as such, all beard oils are made with USDA Certified Organic Carrier Oils and Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. There are NO artificial fragrances in these products - all of the aromas are from the oils themselves. 

  • This product is for all folks looking to step up their beard game or re-invent their image by bringing beard care into the picture. 

  • Both the 1 Ounce and 2 Ounce dropper bottles feature a calibrated measuring dropper so that you can experiment with the amount of oil that is right for your beard. Once you have determined the amount that works for you, you are then able to maintain a  consistent look and feel by measuring that specific amount of oil with each application.

Your Self & Beyond's - Relief Beard Oil