Your Self & Beyond's General Wellness Product Line seeks to offer products that enhance our daily lives in small, subtle, and meaningful ways.  

Their goal is to make you smile each time you use them.  A little happiness scattered throughout your day can go a long way! 

These products encourage mindful moments, taking a break to breathe, and are meant to act as a reminder for you to pause and think about things that bring you joy!

  • Mask / Work Area Spray ~

    • Product Description: Your Self & Beyond's Mask Spray / Work Area Spray seeks to enhance your daily life by offering you a way to refresh the air around you; either inside your mask or in the air around your workspace.  This product prides itself on containing NO artificial fragrances.  All aromas come from the certified therapeutic-grade essential oils used in creating them.

  • 2 Oz. Spray Bottles

  • 5 Different Aromas

    • Stay Safe

      • 2 Oz Spray Bottle

      • Great for encouraging protection from whatever is lurking in the air around us, this blend provides a unique protective aroma.

    • Find Ease

      • 2 Oz Spray Bottle

      • Great for folks who need a bit of calm amidst busy and stressful times, this blend provides a soothing aroma.

    • Mascne / Cleansing

      • 2 Oz Spray Bottle

      • Great for folks still wearing masks whose skin gets irritated from wearing them for long hours, this blend also provides a clean aroma for those who crave a clean scent.

    • Crisp Mint

      • 2 Oz Spray Bottle

      • Great for mint lovers everywhere, this blend provides a cool minty aroma

    • Breathe Deep 

      • 2 Oz Spray Bottle

      • Great for clearing your nasal passages, this blend helps make space for clearer breathing

Mask / Work Area Spray